Vakarru Resort Brings in Wellness Expert

The secluded reef island of the Vakkaru Maldives has announced that wellness expert Domingos Folgado will have a special residency from March 15- April 13, 2021.

Merana Spa Single Treatment Room
Merana Spa Single Treatment Room
Courtesy of Vakarru Resort

Vakkaru Maldives welcomes wellness expert Domingos Folgado to the resort for a special residency from March 15- April 13, 2021. During his stay, Domingos will primarily be based at Vakkaru’s overwater Merana Spa.

Folgado is a wellness consultant, therapist, acupuncture expert and personal trainer who works with clients from his base in London. His diverse skill sets have been accrued over a 20-year career in the health and fitness industry.

During his residency at Vakkaru, he will be on hand to assist guests with one-off appointments or to lead multi-day personalized, holistic programs that combine his varied specialties. Domingos FolgadoDomingos Folgado

Many of the distinctive treatments Folgado will provide are inspired by his lifelong interest in traditional medicines and massage techniques, including:

  • Chakra Hot Stone Aromatherapy treatments to balance emotions and calm the spirit
  • Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture and Gua Sha treatment, based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and also a natural alternative to Botox
  • Fire Cupping Therapy that tackles blood flow blockages to induce a deep sense of relaxation

Folgado is also proficient in naturopathy, therapeutic massage, sports techniques, Pilates and KORE therapy, and will be able to meld different treatments and disciplines according to guests’ needs and wishes. 

The resort provides guests with self-care directives, deep rest and meaningful relaxation. In addition to the residency, visitors to Vakkaru will be able to enjoy complementary sunrise yoga sessions, alongside classes in breathwork and meditation, Ayurvedic treatments and a variety of massages and facials. 

“I’m delighted to visit Vakkaru Maldives. At this time, I know the resort’s sincere commitment to caring for the health and well-being of all who stay here is more appreciated than ever, and I look forward to providing bespoke treatments and programs that will leave guests revitalized, restored and ready to face the year to come with energy and enthusiasm,” said Folgado.

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