US Cryotherapy Launches Mental Wellness Challenge

US Cryotherapy's Mental Wellness Challenge combines cryotherapy and other therapies to help clients improve their health and recover from the stress of the past year.

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US Cryotherapy, a cryotherapy and wellness franchise, plans to begin its Mental Wellness Challenge on March 1, 2021.

The challenge is an effort to help people recover from the intense stress of the past year. It will engage customers in 30 days of frequent whole body cryotherapy and other wellness modalities to improve their health, including mental wellness concerns: anxiety, depression, mood, energy and sleep. The cold shock process encourages the body to release modulating hormones and proteins (norepinephrine and endorphins), which reduce systemic inflammation and improve brain function. Clients completing the challenge and survey will be rewarded with a gift card toward future purchases. 

In addition, the company will capture experience data in key categories of mental wellness improvement, and publish the results once the program has concluded. US Cryotherapy is confident that the results will show a significant improvement in overall health and well-being in the challenge's participants. 

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