Dawn Harlow Helps Guests Manifest Wellness at Vakkaru

Spiritual guide Dawn Harlow helps guests at Vakkaru in the Maldives manifest wellness and a healthy spiritual life during her residence there.

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Vakkaru Maldives has welcomed Dawn Harlow as its first visiting wellness practitioner of 2021.

Dawn Harlow is a spiritual guide, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, life coach and master in breathwork, who will be in residence from January 20 to February 17, 2021. She will lead private and group sessions dedicated to providing guests with strength, clarity, calmness and purpose over the months to come. 

Vakkaru recently launched Vakkare, a hospitality concept that places care at the core of all resort offerings; it will also launch 50 Shades of Blue, an extended program of events, experiences and special activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the resort’s Baa Atoll home being designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Harlow was inspired by these developments, in addition to the unprecedented events of 2020, to create personalized treatments and encounters that will enable guests to release deep-seated traumas and painful memories. Her objective is to empower each individual to unlock their unique gifts and talents, allowing them to live to their true potential. 

One such service is From Blue to a New You. Sensitively recognizing the depression and fear that was so commonplace over the last year, this personalized and private retreat runs for three days or longer, with Harlow providing participants with guidance and coaching to overcome stress, burnout and anxiety. 

Vakkaru also offers plenty of services that will complement Harlow's teachings, including Ayurveda treatments aimed at balancing the chakras; detoxes that provide mental and emotional release alongside physical cleansing; and healing gong sessions that realign and restore the nervous system while providing a sense of joy and inner peace. 

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