Consumers Opt for Acupressure During the Pandemic

Consumers are turning to a "bed of nails" to relieve their muscle aches, stress and anxiety.

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While Covid-19 has boosted a lot of areas of wellness, one treatment that has grown in popularity is acupressure. More specifically, with everything only just starting to reopen, people have been using at-home acupressure mats, also often called a "bed of nails." 

Benefits of Acupressure Mats

An acupressure mat is a soft, foam mat that is embedded with plastic spikes. Typically, someone would either walk or lay on this mat of tiny spikes for 15 to 30 minutes a day, and it is said to stimulate pressure points which helps to regulate blood flow to relax and regulate the body.1 With this in mind, it's easy to point out how acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, but acupuncture treatments require a professional whereas the acupressure mat was a convenient wellness therapy alternative during quarantine. 

There have been many benefits associated with the use of these acupressure mats, including aiding in sleep due to its ability to lower cortisol levels. Another study from Oxford Academic looked into the mat's ability to help with lower back pain.2 Other body aches can be benefited as well due to the fact that the mat can help improve circulation and increase energy levels.3

However, there are some mental health components to using the mat, which is why many people turned to it in the middle of a global pandemic. These acupressure mats have been shown to help reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.3 According to the founders of Bed Of Nails, “the experience of lying on the tiny spikes triggers the body’s innate way of healing itself, is an effective tool for easing tension and inducing a state of deep relaxation.”3 When it comes to entering that deep state of relaxation, it's also most beneficial to picture or even listen to calming sounds, so pairing this with meditation could be incredibly beneficial for overall well-being.1

Trend Takeaways

While this is a consumer-based trend, there are some key takeaways that could benefit your spa or wellness practice. For starters, people are looking for the benefits that acupuncture provides, but they were not able to receive those treatments while everything was closed down during the pandemic. Showcase how you provide these treatments, and showcase the benefits these treatments provide to your clients. 

People are showing that they are looking for stress relieving services, as well as services that ease with muscle aches and tension. Make sure to point out these types of services that you offer to grasp their attention. Just because someone has the mat at home does not mean they aren't looking for any professional style upgrades to their benefits. And remind them that they can always upgrade their at-home mat by purchasing one from your retail area!


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