Greek Spa Resort Provides Seclusion Retreats

The Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas is now offering secluded stays to guests, to further protect their staff and visitors from the pandemic, while enjoying a unique wellness experience.

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Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas, a luxury Greek destination, has launched an exclusive seclusion program designed for guests looking for a remote well-being escape. 

The property is nestled in the mountains, set within a national park packed with wildlife and areas of natural beauty. The area is under consideration for the UNESCO World Heritage List and is known for its rich history and ties to Greek mythology. During the new retreat, guests are invited to explore this history while reconnecting with nature.

The Zagori Seclusion program begins with a private guided tour of local historical sites, including the ancient stone arch bridges crossing the Voidomatis River and the abandoned Monastery of Saint Paraskevi situated on the edge of the Vikos Gorge. The next day, guests are taken water rafting down the Voidomatis River to take in the dramatic scenery, followed by a swim in the turquoise waters by the Agioi Anargiroi Monastery.

Guests can also unwind after a day of exploring at the resort’s spa, featuring panoramic views across the mountains and woods, and relax with a personalized massage, sauna bathing and a rejuvenating Jacuzzi soak. 

The resort is also complementing the seclusion retreat with a selection of locally inspired culinary experiences at its Salvia Restaurant, previously recognized as the best restaurant in western Greece.

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