MyLife App Offers Mindful Meditations for Moms

The MyLife app's "Quick Mental Unloads for Moms" is a new collection of short activities to help mothers relieve stress.

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Mindfulness app MyLife has collaborated with PARENTS to create a well-being programming aimed at helping overburdened moms.

The seven-part program, called "Quick Mental Unloads for Moms," will be a collection of short, powerful activities including meditations, yoga moves and reflections, as well as simple ways to help moms forgive themselves and how they can work on self-compassion. 

Each video ranges in length from 3 to 12 minutes, designed to be completed on any schedule or in any order. The goal is to give busy moms the care and support they deserve.

"A year into this pandemic, stress and anxiety has reached epidemic levels, especially for moms. We were already carrying so much emotional weight, and now there's even more pressure," said MyLife cofounder Jamie Price. "Just like the airplane rule, it helps when parents put their own oxygen mask on first. We need to sustain our own emotional wellness in order to be able to support our families. Study after study has shown that just a few minutes per day of mindfulness can significantly improve our mental well-being."

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