Our recent weekend visit to the world-renowned Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Spa.

The steam room at the Spa at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, California.

On a recent chilly and blustery Sunday in Los Angeles (yes, the temperature really does drop here!) I busted out my dust-covered Uggs and headed for the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons. I was ecstatic for any excuse to drive through the gorgeously decorated neighborhood of Beverly Hills during the holiday season, not to mention the chance to soak in the historic and iconic Wilshire Boulevard hotel.

Built in 1928, the hotel features a Mediterranean-style pool inspired by Sophia Loren’s private Italian villa and has housed a myriad of famous residents, including Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty and Steve McQueen. But because I grew up adoring Julia Roberts, I love knowing that the Beverly Wilshire is the hotel where she and Richard Gere filmed Pretty Woman—my all-time favorite movie.

Needless to say, I gladly handed the valet attendant my keys before meandering my way to the second floor Spa. As I stepped foot into the dimly lit reception area, my shoulders relaxed with ease. Greeted with a cool glass of cucumber water, I filled out my intake form before being guided down the long corridor to the women’s lounge.

The 8,000-square-foot spa has nine treatment rooms, seven of which host in-room showers, men’s and women’s locker rooms, each with a steam room, and a cozy co-ed relaxation lounge with inviting day beds decorated with cozy, velvety throws.

I wasted no time stripping down and throwing on my robe before I made my way to the women’s steam room. Despite it being a Sunday, I nearly had the spa to myself, and I truly appreciated the peace and quiet. My favorite touch was the twinkling lights on the ceiling of the steam room—I was practically entranced as I felt my skin begin to dampen and detoxify.

An hour and a half (and two magazines) later, it was finally time for my service—the spa’s signature Diamond Rose Body Treatment (90 min./$395) featuring Natura Bissé. Neris greeted me in the relaxation lounge, eager to lead me back to my treatment room. After confirming it was my shoulders and back that needed the most love, he left me to crawl onto the already warmed table.

The session started with several deep inhales of damask rose body oil, which would be used to rehydrate my skin once I’d been thoroughly scrubbed. I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit ticklish, so I tend to squirm in anticipation of a rougher scrub-down. But there’s a reason why Neris is a coveted therapist at the Beverly Wilshire and one of the most requested masseuses at the property: With the perfect amount of pressure to knead my muscles and rid my limbs of all that dry winter skin, Neris nearly worked me into a blissful coma. By the time I had to turn onto my back, I barely wanted to move.

After a warm shower to rinse off the Diamond Dust exfoliation powder, I gladly snuggled back onto the table for my favorite part of the treatment: the massage. I couldn’t have been more content. There was certainly some deep breathing happening as Neris administered some tough love to the nasty knots that have built within my shoulders and neck, but “no pain, no gain,” right? Although rose has never been my go-to scent, the body oil wasn’t overpowering (read: no flashbacks to my aunt’s too-intense perfume) and I was pleasantly surprised as the not-too-sweet aroma wafted through the air.

All too soon, Neris was laying my robe across my thighs and gently closing the treatment room door. As I floated back to the locker room to re-dress and face the world, a soft smile grew on my face. Cheesy as it may be, there’s nothing like the end of December to make you evaluate the things you’re thankful for. Treatments like this, and the chance to experience such an immaculate and relaxing spa haven, certainly top the list.

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