Bel’Océane Paris Skin Care Launches in U.S.

A European favorite, Bel’Océane Paris professional skin care is now available to spas in the U.S.

Bel’Océane Paris Masqu’Océane collection
Bel’Océane Paris Masqu’Océane collection
Courtesy of Bel’Océane Paris

Bel’Océane Paris, a skin care line known for its potent marine ingredients, is now available to spas and resorts in the U.S.

Bel’Océane' line of peel-off masks help regenerate, revitalize and rejuvenate the complexion, leaving it hydrated and smooth. Products are safe for all skin types, hypoallergenic, gluten free and vegan.

The Bel’Océane Paris Masqu’Océane collection includes:

  • Brightening Marine Peel-Off Masque activates and normalizes skin peeling to remove dirt, dead cells and sebum, renrewing the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • Purifying Marine Peel-Off Masque has purifying and detoxifying properties, which tone and energize the skin. This mask draws out impurities and prevents breakouts.
  • Regenerating Marine Peel-Off Masque fights free radicals, and rebalances and rehydrates skin. Vegetable oils improve elasticity and prevent signs of aging while providing stress relief. 
  • Soothing Marine Peel-Off Masque soothes, rebalances and restores firmness and elasticity. The healing power of aromatherapy relieves stress and anxiety.
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