Tata Harper Celebrates 10 Years

Tata Harper and her luxury skin care brand celebrate 10 years in business.

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Courtesy of Tata Harper

Water Lock PdpFor 10 years, Tata Harper has produced natural skin care products that are free of fillers, artificial fragrances and other synthetic chemicals.

The brand, founded by Tata Harper and originally formulated on her farm in Vermont, is considered one of the pioneers of the green beauty movement. Having celebrated its 10-year milestone, the luxury skin care company has announced plans for a more sustainable future

As part of that mission, Tata Harper recently launched its first refillable product, Water Lock Moisturizer, to reduce overall waste. The brand has also partnered with Trees for the Future and Lonely Whale to give back to the environment. Currently, Tata Harper practices regenerative agriculture and aims to have a Regenerative Organic Certificate by 2021. 

“I love doing this. I feel very happy creating products that not only makes your skin beautiful but also keeps people healthy and improves their quality of life, says Harper. “That is extremely rewarding, and I look forward to creating more innovative products good for you and the planet.”

Having started in 2010 with seven core products, Tata Harper skin care now includes more than 45 products, packaged in its  infamous green glass and yellow glass bottles.

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