How to maintain your “chill” oasis as temperatures start to soar


As late spring temperatures skyrocket, day spas’ air-conditioning bills tend to follow suit. DAYSPA checked in with green industry leaders and eco experts for some energy-efficient tips on keeping clients cool, power bills light and carbon footprints minimized.

  1. Prevent outside heat and moisture from moving into your inside sanctuary by regularly reinforcing your air sealing and insulation.
  2. Reduce the amount of heat in your spa by waiting to run dryers, dishwashers and ovens until after sunset.
  3. Use ceiling and floor fans in conjunction with the air conditioner (AC). This provides more comfort at higher thermostat settings by moving air over guests’ and employees’ skin, creating a wind-chill effect.
  4. Shade sunny windows with landscaping, curtains or awnings.
  5. If you can, keep windows open at night. Natural ventilation decreases your reliance on super-powered A.C.
  6. When running the AC, close all windows and turn off exhaust fans.
  7. Upgrade AC systems that are more than 12 years old with new, high-efficiency compressors. Energy Star claims its models could cut the average business owner’s cooling costs by 30%.
  8. Increase your central AC’s lifetime (and reduce its operating costs) with scrupulous regular maintenance. Ductwork needs to be properly sealed, insulated and balanced to provide maximum efficiency. Evaporating and condenser coils need to be cleaned or changed monthly. Clean the cooling coils and fan blades as needed. The compressor, refrigerant level and condensate drain should be professionally serviced at least every two years.
  9. Use a programmable thermostat to automatically turn the AC off when you’re out of the spa. Energy Star carries these as well.

These steamy months can be a challenge for many small business owners. How do you and your staff remain cool and eco-savvy when the heat wave moves in? Tell me about it at

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