Physique 57 Wins Mindbody Industry Icon Award

Wellness software company, Mindbody has awarded Physique 57 with a prestigious award.

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On-demand fitness company Physique 57 has been awarded the 2020 Mindbody Industry Icon Award. Presented at the annual Mindbody BOLD conference, the award is given to an enterprise that has differentiated themselves from other businesses in a significant and profound way.  

Physique 57, which specializes in barre fitness, was an early adopter of on-demand offerings well before the pandemic caused businesses to incorporate a hybrid of in-person and virtual options for a variety of wellness offerings. In fact, Physique 57 is one of the top booked studios on Mindbody's Virtual Wellness platform.  

 "When COVID-19 hit, they took what they had learned from their previous experience and quickly applied this to conquering live streaming during the shutdown," said Josh McCarter, CEO of Mindbody. "They did what any iconic business does when forced to handle drastic and rapid changeleveraged their strengths, applied lessons learned from the past, and dived in headfirst with an open mind. As such, they have delivered virtual workouts to people all around the world during COVID and continue to expand their community and impact." 

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