Bella Schneider LED+ Hot & Cold

Schoene: Light therapy services can be expensive, and in this economy clients are seeking cheaper avenues for skin care. However, many of these inexpensive treatments and products are all hype with little to no results.

De Alba: These days, consumers are all about quick-fixes. However, in the end, temporary treatments such as Botox and fillers are just that: temporary. Light therapy is exciting because it helps retrain cells to be healthier and stronger, leading to long-term results. I think the challenge is educating clients about this type of specialized skin care and convincing them of the benefits of the investment.

Otis: I agree that many clients opt for the services that provide instant gratification such as Botox and fillers. I know I can’t compete with those treatments, but I do recommend coupling them with LED light therapy as a way to enhance and prolong results.

What are the best ways to market light therapy to clients?

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