How do you tell your star staffer to stop over-delivering?


The Situation: “Our staff is so focused on delivering superior customer service that they spend a little extra time with their clients, do a little extra work and go a little longer than usual. This is great for the client, but it’s not fair to other staffers who follow the rules,” says Bruce Schoenberg, president of Oasis Day Spas in New York City and Westchester, New York.

The Solution: “Although we know it comes from a good place, I’ve had to explain to these overachievers that they have an unfair advantage over the other therapists because this client will always rebook with the therapist who broke the rules and did the extra work,” says Christie Lavigne, skincare director at Oasis. “Guests will come to expect this each time. I speak to them and tell them they could get written up or lose a shift if it happens again. It’s tricky because they are usually our best employees.”

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