In this new weekly column, we present real-life day spa disaster scenarios, and reveal how pros dealt with each crisis.


The Situation: “Someone we presumed to be a guest walked into the spa, looking scatter-brained, and walked right past the front desk, then disappeared into the ladies’ locker room,” says Scott Duncan, GM of Spa Gregorie’s Day Spas & Salons, with three locations in Southern California. “The front desk wasn’t sure who she was. And soon afterward, the San Diego police came in with their guns drawn, looking for s convict, who apparently was wanted for counterfeiting.”

The Solution: “We had other female guests in the locker room, disrobed, so we couldn’t send a male police officer in,” Duncan explains. “Instead, we had our female spa director go in. She found the wanted lady locked in the bathroom, flushing counterfeit money into our toilet. By listening to what the police had told her to do, and remaining calm—which is so key—our director got the convict out and into police custody.”

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