What do you when a client’s little one tags along for a spa day?


The Situation: “It has happened where mom clients can’t get a babysitter, or will come in for a quick appointment and think the spa is a perfectly appropriate place for a child–which it is not,” says Summer Langhorne, general manager of Miilk + Honey in Austin, Texas. “I had had an instance where a client wanted to come in for a Brazilian wax with her four-year-old, and that’s just not going to happen. We have hot wax that is within the child’s reach, which raises safety concerns.”

The Solution: “We have to handle mothers with compassion rather than just citing our rules and regulations,” says Langhorne. “We have to be clear and concise in what our policy is, but be soft in the delivery. We gently explain why we have the ‘no-kids’ policy. In addition to safety issues, the policy is enforced to allow guests to completely relax. That being said, there have been instances where I’ve made exceptions. I’ve allowed a mom with sleeping newborn to come in for a quick brow wax. And, if we do turn them away, we try to accommodate them at another time.”

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