What is your policy on free samples?


The Situation: Product sampling is a proven way to up retail sales, but some clients take advantage of the freebies by asking for multiples every time, even for products not even used in their services. Here’s how two spa owners handle the situation…

The Solution: “We give clients no more than two samples at a time,” says Alice Koskas, owner of The Lounge Spa in Culver City, California. “We also write on the client’s consultation card which product samples she was given so if she returns and asks for more samples, we say, ‘You’ve received that sample already. How did you like the results? I’ll leave the full-sized product on the counter for you.”

Tamara Friedman, owner of Tamara Spa + Wellness in Farmington Hills, Michigan takes the same approach, saying this verbiage has worked well for her, “Maybe the full size would be a better option for you.”

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