The classic bodywork service heats up!

Spa Revolutions

Nothing relaxes muscles as enjoyably as massage plus heat, which accounts for the lasting popularity of hot stone services. Now, a new invention gives therapists a unique way to provide that blissful combo. The Lava Bambu Massage from Spa Revolutions features a naturally self-heating bamboo massage tool, enabling practitioners to forgo the use of electric warmers.

The therapy employs the use of strong and flexible Porcelain Zen Sticks resembling bamboo, that are designed to glide smoothly over clients’ muscles. The sticks are filled with self-heating Lava Gel, a proprietary blend that includes minerals, black lava, dried sea kelp and algae. The gel allows for up to 30 minutes of continuous, deep heat.

The technology is not only a boon to muscle-weary clients. “Therapists will also benefit from using Lava Bambu, as it reduces stress and strain to the massage therapists’ hands during deep tissue work,” points out Spa Revolutions CEO Cheryl Spousta-Schertzer. The company has even created a Protocol Training Kit that includes a Porcelain Zen Stick with drawstring bag, two Batiki Sticks designed for small areas or pressure point work, 12 Heat Sleeves and Activator Solutions, and a large hand fan for creating a breeze during treatment—all contained in a beautiful handled box.

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