MaryEllen Malinowski

Red Square Spa, a Russian-style bathhouse located in Chicago, IL, offers a variety of rejuvenating, restorative services for those wishing to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. The authentic bathhouse, which is part spa, lounge and restaurant, incorporates Russian relaxation practices with nature-based services.

In the co-ed Russian Banya, or hot room, the air is heated to high temperatures by large boulders, while steam is created as water is thrown over the boulders. Spa-goers experience a vacillation between hot and cold as icy water is poured over their bodies, resulting in a sense of deep rejuvenation.

Red Square spa provides holistic healing treatments as well, including Reiki foot treatments, warm stone massages, sea wraps, sea salt body scrubs and sea mud treatments, all designed to renew and relax.

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