In this new weekly column, we present real-life day spa disaster scenarios, and reveal how pros dealt with each crisis. (Warning: These situations can be awfully sticky—and uncensored!)


The Situation: An unhinged client—”Just last week we had a lady in the locker room shrieking at the top of her lungs that she was an exorcist and was here to cast out the demons in our spa!” says an anonymous owner. “She was demonic. Clients were literally cowering in the back of our locker area, hiding in the steam room.”

The Solution: “My darling, wonderful manager on duty, who is so brilliant, said to her, ‘I think I saw the woman you were wanting to exorcise go out into the courtyard. Here, you might need your purse!’ She handed her the purse and the demonic woman left. Once she got her out of the building we called the police. You can’t train a staff for something like this. Sometimes you just need to know how to think on your feet.”

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