What’s the best way for a spa technician to discreetly inform the front desk of a blush-worthy waxing add-on without announcing it to the room?


The Situation: “When I booked my wax appointment, I had only planned on getting a Brazilian, leg wax and lip wax, but once I got there we added stomach and butt cheeks,” explains an anonymous spa-goer. “When I went to check out, the waxer loudly told the front desk associate (with other clients within earshot) to ‘add stomach and buttocks.’ I was obviously embarrassed and upset that she didn’t do that more discreetly.”

The Solution: “I quietly told the front desk employee to let my waxer know that the way she announced the information was unacceptable,” says the spa client. “I suggested that she discuss the add-on in a more discreet way in the future. She apologized and comped the lip wax. I wasn’t even asking for a freebie, but I appreciated the way she handled it. People make mistakes, but customers like myself just want to see the mistake rectified in a proper manner. That’s how you get us coming back after a mishap like this.”

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