At Santa Fe’s Spa at Loretto, clients are flipping “heels over head” for a surprising new pedicure.

Courtesy Inn and Spa at Loretto

Who says beauty services can’t also be good for you? Certainly not technicians at the Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where guests are quite literally flipping for the spa’s pampering Heels Over Head (25-80 min./$75-$125) pedicure and/or reflexology services.

The foot treatments, which take place in one of the spa’s zero gravity recliners, begin with a stress-melting foot soak in a copper basin filled with warm water, detoxifying salts and rose petals. Afterward, nestled under a cozy blanket and lavender-scented eye pillow, the guest prepares for “lift-off.” She is gently guided, via the chair, into a heels-higher-than-head position and, thus situated, simply relaxes while a pedicure and/or reflexology treatment using top-quality exfoliating and moisturizing products is performed.

Why “heels over head”? That position, as provided by the zero gravity recliners, yields numerous benefits:

• Reduced pressure on the spine
• Decreased stress on the heart
• Lowered blood pressure
• Reduced muscle tension
• Expanded lung capacity
• Increased circulation
• Increased blood oxygen levels

Says Inn and Spa at Loretto marketing director Dana Ortega, “This treatment brings pampering to a whole new level. We want our guests to feel they are being cared for in the most beneficial way in our spa, creating wellness from the inside out.” Beautiful feet never felt this good.

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