Make your day spa an eco-savvy lovers’ den!

As you prepare your day spa for the “love month” frenzy, you may want to think about standing out from competition by incorporating amour-themed, sensory flourishes that also express love for the Earth. DAYSPA staffers recently put our heads together to come up with some tips for minimizing the toll of this delightful, yet consumerism-driven, holiday on your facility’s carbon footprint—and making your spa a standout destination (and gift solution) for green-savvy Valentine revelers this month.

1. Consider marketing V-Day gift certificates made from recycled or tree-free paper. You can also rely on it to create guilt-free signage advertising your February specials, as well as tags adorning your retail gift baskets.

2. If you plan to incorporate sweet treats in your couples rituals, choose fair trade or organic chocolate. It’s delicious, and can be found in most health food stores.

3. Make your facility festive by adorning it with organic and/or locally grown flowers. You can also present organic roses as a thank-you (and incentive!) to guests who purchase Valentine’s Day gifts or certificates, and/or include them, along with champagne, during couples services.

4. Set a romantic mood by placing earth-friendly candles in treatment rooms. Try using the soy lotion variety in lieu of the paraffin-based kind.

5. Offcer to make a donation to an environmental organization on behalf of guests who purchase V-Day gift certificates worth $100 or more. Partnering with a charity gives clients another reason to feel good about un-winding at your spa.

Holiday rush seasons can throw a wrench into sustainable operations for many small business owners. How do you and your staff bring back the earth-loving feelings? Tell us about it at

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