3 Hawaiian Wellness Experiences to Inspire Your Menu

Hawaiian resorts have reopened with some inspiring new wellness treatments.

Hawaii landscape

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, many resorts are reopening with new and improved wellness services. Hawaii in particularly is back and better than ever;  grab some inspiration from these Hawaiian experiences, and see how you might incorporate them into your spa. 

1. Hana-Maui Resort

Recently reopened with socially distant cottages, this resort's updated spa menu places an emphasis on authentic, traditional Hawaiian treatments with products comprised of local ingredients. Services like the Lomi Lomi massage, Pohaku Wela hot stone massage and Aloha Kai Spirulina Body Wrap use blue green algae from the ocean, plus native sea salt to encourage detox and reduce water retention. The Honua Mana La'i Aloe Treatment features aloe vera gel and ti leaves from the garden to rehydrate and nourish the skin. 

2. Mauna Lani Auberge Resorts

After a $200 million renovation, this resort has reopened with a spa menu that features "farm to spa" treatments, which utilize local herbs like turmeric, honey, flowers, sandalwood and oils sourced from nearby farms. Ti leaves and a local herbal blend are used in the Lomi Lomi massage; hibiscus and papaya are key in exfoliating, softening body treatments; and ancient Hawaiian holistic healing practices are paired with botanicals in La'au lapa'au facials. 

3. Sensei Lana'i, a Four Seasons Resort

This resort has created an entire initiative called the Optimal Wellbeing Program, in which a personal Sensei guide crafts guests' customized itineraries to provide a deeper dive into health and well-being. The property has also partnered with Whoop, a wristband device that tracks a range of physiological measurements such as sleep cycles, recovery time and exertion level recommendations. Guests receive a Sensei version of the Whoop strap before arriving to the resort and continue to monitor their progress after they leave, thanks to a yearlong membership. 

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