8 Sleep-Inducing Treatments from Top Spas

Spas around the world are offering treatments that help clients get more restful sleep. Check out these services for your own menu inspiration!

Courtesy Of Rancho La Puerta
Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta

Spas around the world are offering treatments that help clients get more restful sleep. Check out these services for your own menu inspiration!

1. Sleep Well at Rhapsody Spa

The Westin Nashville's Rhapsody Spa is celebrating World Sleep Day (March 19, 2021) with a special Quiet Interlude Massage (60 minutes), which includes calming lavender herbal inhalation; acupressure on sleep points on the scalp and feet; soothing heat packs; and a focus on deep belly breathing. For those who need a little extra Zen, the spa offers two complimentary 20-minute meditation sessions. 

Rhapsody Spa is also providing a curated take-home Sleep Well box with:

  • Patchology Little Helper Sleep Dietary supplement strips
  • Sleep mask
  • Kneipp Valerian and Hops Bath Salts
  • Chamomile- or lavender-infused cookies
  • A curated lullaby library playlist featuring soothing sounds, music and songs with “lullaby” in the title

2. Sleep Suites at Rancho Valencia

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in San Diego has brought Bryte Restorative Beds to its new Sleep Suites, which focus on helping visitors get the ultimate night's sleep. Guests will enjoy a personalized sleep experience, with firmness and temperature configured to each sleeper separately from their partner. The bed helps guests fall asleep with multi-sensory relaxation and gently wakes them with temperature and light to simulate natural sunrise. Upon waking, guests will receive a full analysis of their night's sleep.

Sleep Suites also include:

  • Relaxing basket of spa amenities upon arrival, with sleep mask, relaxing mineral bath salts and lavender essential oil
  • Private yoga or meditation session
  • Turndown amenity of caffeine-free herbal tea

3. Drift To Sleep at The Ritz-Carlton Naples

The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples in Florida has created the Drift to Sleep treatment, designed to promote sleep and relaxation while releasing tension. Using soothing scents and warming aromatic oils, the therapist guides guests through a calming journey to peace with steps including a milk bath, guided meditation, relaxing massage and designated sleep time in the fetal position.  Following the service, the therapist gives the guest information and advice on how to conduct these power naps at home.

4. Yoga Nidra at The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island

The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island in Florida has expanded its wellness offerings to include Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice that is often referred to as "yogic sleep." During Yoga Nidra, practitioners set an intention and remain in savasana (corpse pose) for the entire class while an instructor offers direction on the five layers of self. Practitioners move into a state of conscious sleep and leave feeling restored, de-stressed, well rested and aware. An hour of Yoga Nidra is touted to be as restorative as up to four hours of sleep, and the practice aligns with the focus of travel as disconnection and time to recharge with the self.

5. Suite Dreams & Zen at Nobu Hotel Palo Alto

Nobu Hotel Palo Alto in California has launched an exclusive Suite Dreams & Zen package for its luxury Ryokan suites. This package features personalized elements for balance, well-being and healthy sleep, such as an Ikaati Tea blending ceremony, a meditative Japanese bath and hinoki bath salts. This holistic experience will energize guests for dinner followed by a Nobu nightcap, preparing the body for rest with a Lunya sleep mask keepsake, silk pillowcase, calming sounds from Alexa and soothing atmosphere infused with lavender, tea tree and peppermint aromatherapy.

6. Sleep Week at Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, already offers healing spa treatments, therapeutic sessions and wellness lectures dedicated to the circadian cycle and promoting restful, deep sleep. To celebrate Sleep Month this March, The Ranch is offering specialty sleep weeks in which sleep experts provide enlightening lectures and insights, with topics like:

  • Computer vision and the effects of blue light and sleep
  • The yoga of sleep
  • Sleep tips for all five senses

Guests can also enjoy healthy spa cuisine that utilizes fresh ingredients from the on-property garden, minimal Wi-Fi and cell reception, and even a sleeping bag for their phone at each bedside, allowing them to truly disconnect.

7. The Art of Relaxation at Shreyas Retreat

Shreyas Retreat in Bangalore, India, has bespoke relaxation programming, at the perfect pace for reregulating sleep. With daily activities like morning meditation, the art of breathing and yoga nidra, guests are able to calm both body and mind. They can also enjoy the ancient Shirodhara healing technique, which focuses on the third eye and rebalances the nervous system, then sip some ashwagandha herbal teabrewed from a stress-relieving, adaptogenic and soporific plantbefore setting off for bed.

8. Sleep Retreat at Mountain Trek

Mountain Trek in Nelson, British Columbia, holds a retreat that promotes sleep health by implementing nature sound sleep emitters, blackout curtains and Himalayan salt lamp halotherapy in each guest room for the ideal sleep environment. For those who wish to participate virtually, Mountain Trek offers a Virtual Basecamp Retreat, a condensed 48-hour version of the program, where guests learn tactics for relaxing fully, sleeping deeply, managing and reducing stress, and resetting their metabolic and hormonal systems. 

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