Aman Introduces 7 Wellness Retreats in 2021

Aman's 2021 offerings include seven wellness retreats focused on everything from finding inner peace to advanced fitness.

Amanemu, Japan
Amanemu, Japan

Aman hotels and resorts has introduced SVA, a range of natural Chinese herbal formulas and micronutrient supplements into its spas. With this addition, Aman has crafted several new treatments, including Chi Nei Tsang, an abdominal massage that detoxifies the internal organs, stimulates the metabolism and reduces digestive disorders; the Indian Head Massage, which focuses on marma points to calm and balance the nervous system; and Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, which helps boost immune strength. 

In addition, the company has announced its wellness programming for 2021, which features seven outdoor retreats aimed at delivering well-being to guests.

1. Journey to Peace

Aman's four enlightening Journey to Peace retreats take place a specific destinations throughout the year. The three-to-six-night experiences are led by Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach Lama (monk) Master Geshe YongDong (Geshe La). Each retreat includes daily Tsa Lung breathwork and meditation, and a daily 90-minute group training session. The program includes an Aman Signature spa treatment on the day of arrival and a daily 90-minute evening chanting session, mantra recitation and meditation. The three-night options include an additional daily 90-minute group training session. 

The retreats include:

Living in the Moment Retreat: Creating Space for Peace to Enter. Gesha La will share the ancient lessons of Bon traditions and guide individuals through the different stages of achieving an enlightened state of being. Each day will focus on five key concepts that will alter mindsets for a healthier, happier life. 

As it is Retreat: Understanding How to Simply Let Go. This retreat encourages guests to leave everything "as it is," without judgement. Gesha La will guide participants through the practice of letting go of thoughts, allowing them to rise and leave without challenging their existence. 

Silent Retreat: Focusing on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. The retreat aims to shut out the clamor of daily life, cultivating a sense of stillness and peace while focusing on the four foundations of mindfulness. 

Embracing Impermanence: Understanding and Acceptance of Change. This retreat introduces the concept of Bardo, a liminal state between death and rebirth. Participants will be guided toward understanding and acceptance of transience and change. 

2. Extreme Sports

Aman has curated a very active and adventurous retreat for guests who participate in regular extreme sports events and challenges. This retreat allows them to partake in exhilarating physical challenges by drawing on the dramatic landscapes that surround each locale. The retreat will have an itinerary of carefully curated outdoor activities, embracing the healing qualities of nature and testing the limits of one's mental and physical stamina. 

Themes include:

  • Extreme Mountain Sports
  • Extreme Rock-climbing 
  • Extreme Desert and Mountain Sports 
  • The Laguna Phuket Triathalon 
  • Extreme Water Sports 

3. Advanced Yoga

This retreat will take place at Amanbagh. The retreat coincides with the Navaratri Festival, and it will follow one of nine methods of worship of the Goddess Durga in line with local celebrations. Upon arrival, guests will receive an Ayurvedic herbal shot as well as a 60-minute full-body massage. Group yoga sessions will be held every day throughout the retreat, and they will focus on 12 different Pranayama practices, four types of meditation and will incorporate multiple advanced yoga poses. Daily cultural excursions include a cycle ride, a trek to Somsagar Lake, a trip to the Sariska tiger reserve, a visit to the Neelkanth and Narayani Mata Temples and an excursion to Bhangarh Fort. Each night there will be a soothing herbal bath in the pavilions to comfort weary muscles. 

4. Medicinal Herb Garden and Ayurveda Traditional Medicine Immune Support 

This year-round retreat at Amanbagh is available for a minimum of four nights, and the program includes a wellness consultation on arrival as well as daily private movement sessions and immune-supporting wellness treatments. The retreat also includes daily morning group yoga, guided sunrise walks and daily prescribed healthy immune-boosting juices and herbal teas. Guests will receive a final wellness consultation upon departure. 

5. Holisitc Immune Support 

Taking place in Amangiri, this retreat invites guests to walk through nature in the footsteps of ancient Navajo healers, experience the benefits of local healing herbs and wellness practices and renew the body's natural resistance to infection and disease. The three-night retreat includes a group orientation and crystal sound bath meditation session on arrival. There is also daily group circuit-training workout classes and post-workout breathwork sessions, as well as complimentary access to the resort's spa and hydrotherapy facilities. Guests will receive daily anti-inflammatory healthy juices and vitamin IV drips and a meal plan incorporating immune-strengthening food. 

6. Misogi 

The year-round retreat at Aman Tokyo combines bodywork, nutrition, mindfulness and meditative practices to help guests achieve a deeper inner transformation and support overall wellbeing for a longer and healthier life. To train the mind, guests will partake in daily yoga, breathing exercises and Tao meditation and mindfulness training. Guests will receive advice in supporting the immune system with Traditional Chinese Medicine consultations and acupuncture sessions, and they'll have access to the spa and hydrotherapy sessions. To purify the spirit, guests can participate in public Ogoma Ritual at Fukagawa Fudo temple. The ritual helps to eliminate negative energies, detrimental thoughts and desires and to make wishes and give blessings. 

7. The Healing Power of Toij 

During this two-night retreat in Amanemu, guests will have access to the resort's Aman Spa, which is centered around a hot spring. They will enjoy a 30-minute ancient ritual followed by a two-hour bathing experience in the spa's Onsen bathing facilities. 

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