3 Wellness Programs That Heal Body and Mind

The Chablé Hotel group has introduced three programs that boost the immune system, relieve stress and even heal heartache.

woman doing yoga in the jungle

Mexican destination company Chablé Hotels has launched three wellness programs aimed at boosting the immune system, relieving stress and healing heartache.

1. Immune Boosting Program 

This curated retreat includes daily exercise and meditation classes, as well as a nutrition plan based around locally sourced, vitamin-rich and superfood ingredients. Turmeric and ginger will be featured daily, as they're known for supporting the immune system, combatting cellular damage and aiding digestion. Guests will also enjoy dishes rich in vitamin C.

The retreat starts with a Harmonization ritual, a spiritual greeting using copal resin to reveal invisible energies. (Copal resin is often used by Mayan healers as a diagnostic tool to help see the deeper dimensions of a person’s energy field to detect energy blockages and diseases.) Following this ritual, Chablé’s healers will be able to decipher the state of the guest's body and immune system and fine-tune the best treatments for the individual during their stay. The program also includes a guided water ceremony, as well as a Coco Skin Treatment that features ingredients rich in immunity-enhancing antioxidants.

2. Stress and Anxiety Program

This program targets travelers seeking a retreat that will help restore their work/life balance and alleviate stress. It includes plenty of mindfulness, yoga and meditation classes, as well as the option for a full digital detox. Participants can also partake in morning breathing classes that help bring awareness to the present moment, encouraging guests to break their usual habit of checking their phones and laptops first thing. The aim is to reset the guest’s routine and create a healthy schedule that can be implemented at home.

Treatments in the program include Floatation Therapy at Chablé Yucatan, which helps increase mental and physical well-being. The therapy is good for releasing physical tension as well as stress accumulated over months. Meanwhile the Tree of Life Massage soothes the nervous system, clears the mind, eases muscle tension and restores internal balance. Plus, the Stress Relief Treatment is a massage designed to work on specific zones with the highest accumulation of stress: the back, shoulders and neck.

3. Healing Heartache Program

Designed for individuals experiencing heartache, in particular the break up of a long-term relationship, this program features treatments and activities focused on finding an inner connection and increasing self-worth. It's primarily inspired by the ocean and the way it's always washing away old patterns and allowing for something new to start. 

Guests can expect daily sunrise and sunset yoga (vinyasa, prana or hatha) centered on gratitude and self-love, ensuring that they begin and finish the day in a positive state of mind. Treatments include a Sound of the Sea Ritual featuring a seaweed wrap and a warming sea fennel massage, and a Rain Goddess ritual for physical and emotional healing. This experience includes a full body exfoliation, symbolizing the scrubbing away of the past, followed by a remedy that beautifies and rejuvenates the skin, signifying a new chapter.

Other highlights include the Chablé Janzu Water Massage, where guests are immersed in the outdoor pool while a therapist works to release blocked energy and promote a state of relaxation. And the Temazcal Ceremony is a ritual based on one of the oldest forms of medicine where the physical, mental and spiritual levels come together. The medicine of the Temazcal benefits the body’s systems and energies which promotes an inner connection, creating a transformative effect, a mystical encounter and a feeling of rebirth. The Temazcal promises to reconnect participants with a positive life path, leaving past heartache behind.

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