Sky Lagoon Unveils 7-Step Bathing Ritual

The Ritual at Sky Lagoon offers guests the opportunity to experience Icelandic bathing culture in seven soothing steps.

Sky Lagoon By Pursuit
Courtesy of Sky Lagoon by Pursuit

The soon-to-be opened oceanfront property Sky Lagoon in Iceland plans to introduce a seven-step bathing experience inspired by Icelandic culture. The treatment combines the healing powers of warm and cold water, warm steam, dry heat and fresh air as part of a holistic approach to relaxation and well-being. 

1. Lagoon

Clients step into the warm waters and relax, breathing in the ocean air. They're able to float through a breathtaking canyon to the infinity edge, taking in views of Mount Keilir as their minds become open to what's to come.

2. Cold plunge

Guests have a couple options for improving their state of mind with cold therapy: They can wander in the fresh Icelandic air or  take a quick dip in the cold plunge pool. Either way, the chillier temps will diminish inflammation and tighten skin.

3. Sauna

Following their cold therapy, clients should warm up again in the sauna for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the heat to open pores, remove toxins and cleanse their skin. 

4. Energizing mist

Guests then balance the heat by stepping slowly through Sky Lagoon's cold fog-mist space, which is stimulating and refreshing for mind, body and soul.

5. Sky Body Scrub

Clients exfoliate and reinvigorate by applying the property's signature Sky Body Scrub.

6. Steam room

Steam will once more open the skin, allowing it to absorb the therapeutic elements of The Ritual and maximizing the hydrating benefits of the scrub to improve overall body function.

7. Shower and relax 

Guests rinse off the scrub in the shower, then return to the warm geothermal lagoon where they will relax even further. When finished, they can head to the Lagoon Bar for a refreshment.

"The Ritual at Sky Lagoon will provide guests with an immersive and holistic approach to relaxation and wellbeing," says Dagny Petursdottir, general manager of Sky Lagoon. "The rejuvenating and transformative experience will enable guests to connect with mind, body and spirit through the radiant powers of geothermal waters."

The new geothermal lagoon experience is anticipated to open in spring 2021.

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