Festive Wellness Experiences for the Holiday Season

Mexican hotel chain Chablé Hotel has launched a wealth of wellness experiences this holiday season.

Courtesy Of Chable Hotels
Courtesy of Chablé Hotels

Chablé Hotels has announced a schedule of holiday happenings at the brand’s boutique five-star wellness resorts: Chablé Yucatán and Chablé Maroma in Mexico. This is possible in no small part due to the organization's Cleaning For Wellness concept, which harnesses tech innovation and strategic adjustments to operational and cleaning methods in order to instill confidence and a sense of security for guests and staff, without undercutting sustainability.

Chablé Yucatán offerings this holiday season include:

  • Daily Christmas Challenge and New Year Challenge, both consisting of a high intensity fitness activity with instructors, available daily
  • Dynamic Meditation, which focuses on the senses and being present. Guests will learn to feel and know their own bodies in motion to obtain peace and balance at all levels
  • Christmas Cardio Boxing focuses on cardiorespiratory endurance,  involving different combinations of hitting and cardio-accelerating exercises 
  • Wellness Dancing class, where guests can dance to different rhythms and even learn to play the music themselves
  • Sunset Yoga and Power Yoga

At Chablé Maroma, holiday offerings include:

  • Cacao & Honey Mask Workshop, where guests can learn different recipes for a daily beauty routine using cacao and jungle honey
  • Scalp Massage, a 30-minute complimentary hair massage with views of the sea, is designed to reduce stress and improve mood
  • Abundance Ornament Workshop, in which clients can create their own abundance ornament with healing herbs and seeds, among other ingredients
  • Senses Meditation invites guests to enjoy the sound of the ocean waves
  • Yoga with sensory elements that activate the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level
  • Beach Pilates combines stretching and strength exercises with accessories including dumbbells, bands and the body's own weight, strengthening the abdominal area
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