Wellness Rituals Create Deeper Connections in Couples Treatments

Spas are turning to adding wellness rituals to help couples create a deeper connection during their service.

Couples treatments turn to wellness.
Couples treatments turn to wellness.

When it comes to the spa, you don't always need to reinvent the wheel. Spas are instead turning to updating classic treatment to include more wellness rituals. The perfect example of this is how the Miraval and Salt Spa at the Reeds have adapted their couples treatments to be more than just a treatment two people experience together. These spas have created a treatment that is designed to inspire a deeper connection between couples while also providing them with a classic massage treatment, and this is quickly becoming a growing trend in the spa industry. 

Rasul Mud Ritual

The Salt Spa at The Reeds at Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ has crafted their Rasul Mud Ritual. The couple will be surrounded by the custom Hammam, and they will take turns rubbing the mud on different parts of each others bodies, which is then followed up by a long steam to allow the skin to absorb the natural nutrients from the mud. They finish the service off in a joint warm water rain shower to rinse the mud off. 

The treatment is designed to help restore intimacy between the couple. It also provides them the opportunity to get creative with each other and romantic throughout the entirety of the service. 


The Miraval Austin has a treatment called Yojana. This treatment includes a guided Tibetan bowl ringing ceremony, and each couple that experiences the treatment is supposed to explore an intention that is honored in the treatment. The precisely tuned tones from the sound bowls pass their vibration through the couple, which is designed to allow them to feel and discover an energetic alignment and unique peace. 

This ritualistic treatment is designed to honor and show the unity between the couples two spirits. It allows an opportunity for the couple to become connected through their intentions they set that is then expressed through sound. 

Relaxation Massage

Miraval in Arizona has a treatment they call the relaxation massage. This treatment is offered in a private Life in Balance Spa Suite that includes a fireplace to set the ambiance. The treatment includes a full-body Swedish massage where they use calming lavender blossom and sunflower oil. 

This treatment combines desert herbs, calming oils and relaxing massage techniques to ease fatigue, soothe sense and harness a deeper connection between the couple.

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