New Gym Concept Blends Fitness and Wellness

Fitness industry veteran Micah Logan has launched MELD Fitness + Wellness, a new concept that tackles whole health.

Meld Fitness
Courtesy of MELD Fitness + Wellness

Fitness industry veteran Micah Logan has introduced MELD Fitness + Wellness, "micro" personal training studios developed in 500 square foot and 1,000 square foot models for a more intimate and tailored experience. 

The franchises operate at a micro level, meaning that personal training takes place in small groups of no more than four members per coach. "Accountability and support are our secret sauces," said Logan, who adds that the ideal franchise operators will be people with plenty of experience in personal training, management and boutique fitness.

To further their commitment to clients' health, the studios will have an option for added smoothie bars and performance food centers, which will allow members can enjoy a nutritious shake after their workouts while franchise owners can enjoy a business that isn't overbuilt and underutilized.

Scholarships are available for POC and veterans. 

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