Healing Springs Ranch Upgrades Holistic Wellness Program

Healing Springs Ranch is working with Culinary Services Group to bring health and wellness techniques to people recovering from substance abuse and mental health issues.

Healing Springs Ranch

Healing Springs Ranch (HSR), a residential treatment center for adults recovering from addiction and other mental health issues through a holistic approach including nutritional wellness, is now working with Culinary Services Group (CSG), which provides food services aimed at improving well-being.

HSR believes that nutritional education for its clients is important to the recovery process, and this partnership will give the center access to a network of dieticians, training resources and added support. In addition, CSG will build custom menus in support of the Nutritional Wellness Program's goals, tracking and ensuring that each meal meets core nutrition parameters to support recovery. Together, the companies hope to support clients' recovery through a food-first approach to health and wellness, as nutrition and exercise are valuable tools for digestive health, balanced hormones, healthy brain function and insulin regulationall key factors in well-being.

"By providing our clients with an enhanced specialized nutrition program as part of their recovery, we continue to add value to their treatment plan," said Rachel H. Graham, CEO and cofounder of HSR. "The added value of tracking each meal to meet core nutrition parameters, and eating the right balance of nutrients will help clients feel better faster, both emotionally and physically."

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