Covid-19 Shifts Consumers' Wellness Needs

The world has made a big wellness shift. See what consumers are looking for from their brands now.

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It's no secret that the global pandemic has drawn a lot of attention to people's mental health and well-being. Broader than that though, it has caused a shift in consumer buying patterns, with many lookingmaking a shift towards a holistic and preventative approach to wellness, according to 

The largest trend currently is that consumers are shifting toward finding a balanced and healthier life both physically and mentally. It has been shown that groups of all ages have been seeking more organic foods, immune-boosting products, locally manufactured products and holistic brands. 

What Consumers Want

The Covid-19 health crisis has caused people to spend more time educating themselves on specific industries, especially when it comes to wellness. For example, many consumers have been educating themselves on the farm-to-factory process to better understand the efficacy of their product ingredients. Thus, they're now looking for more direct labeling information on their products as well as sustainability efforts from brands. On top of this, consumers are also looking to buy things that are locally produced and sourcedan increased interest in products and services that have been made in their own country. 

Another topic a lot of people have spent time learning about is preventive health care. For example, consumers are seeking more information about ancient wellness rituals like Ayurveda, and there has been a surge in demand for Ayurvedic and herbal products, especially those that provide immune-boosting benefits. 

An Industry of Change

Although the pandemic has dramatically altered a lot in the wellness industry, it's an industry that's used to constant change. Consumers are always changing up their routines to fit in what they think is best for them on a physical and mental level. Most recently, self-care has become the big industry buzzword, what with everyone starting to understand the efforts they need to make to improve their mental health. There's an increased awareness in the role immunity plays in a healthy lifestyle as the world adjusts to a new normal, and it's predicted that even more wellness movements will grace the industry as people learn more about how to keep themselves healthy and happy. 

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