Spa Industry Experiences Surge in Wellness-Boosting Trends

COVID-19 has caused a rise in certain wellness trends that are more centered around improving the well-being of consumers.

Boost in well-being trends.
Boost in well-being trends.

There have been a lot of changes in the spa and wellness industry as the global pandemic has progressed, and certain trends have come to light that help to boost a well-being, including an increase in digital wellness, an increase in superfoods and a decrease in eating meat. These trends emerged as people discover a heightened need to feel physically and mentally strong during the current state of COVID-19. 

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) highlights how wellness and well-being will be addressed more often and more holistically, meaning that issues like air pollution, water management and respect for biodiversity will become more significant and paramount in the wellness industry. 

Big Trends in Wellness

As previously mentioned, some big trends that are surfacing right now in the wellness industry include a decrease in eating meat, an increase in eating superfoods and finding digital wellness. 

Digital wellness. While the wellness industry seemed to be fighting back against technology to become more connected with the world, it looks like that that trend has done a 180 in light of the global pandemic. The GWI found this especially prevalent as the wellness industry was a person-to-person business. However, during lockdown people turned to technology, especially when it came to at-home fitness journeys. Companies like Peloton found an increase in stock prices, and Lululemon acquired Mirror, a digital in-home fitness technology, which has also boomed during the pandemic. 

These acquisitions and stock price risings show how technology can be a great tool in the wellness industry, particularly as people were quarantined and lock downed this year. 

Feeling vegan. While veganism has been on the rise, the pandemic has also shown that both the economical and societal risks of meat production are more prevalent than before. While the meat industry was already in trouble due to concerns with the environmental impact, people are now beginning to worry as it emerges as a hot spot for the virus. 

Boost in immunity. While this is most notably shown in the increased interest in superfoods, specifically those that boost immunity, this trend stretches across numerous wellness activities, like physical activity or nutrition. In the 14 weeks before June 6, U.S. retail stores documented a rise in ginger, turmeric and garlic by 94%, 68% and 62%, respectively. 

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