Trending: Tea and Water Infusions

Tea and water infusions are trending in spa and wellness, and we reached out to some industry experts to learn more about it.

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It’s no secret that tea has many health benefits for the skin and body, and healthy teas and infused waters have been a spa staple for some time. Particularly during the pandemic, though, numerous people turned toward self-care and their health with an “inside-out” perspective. Now that consumers better understand the importance of what goes into the body, they’re viewing spa teas and waters differently, especially when it comes to immunity-boosting benefits. We talked with some industry experts to learn what’s trending with these spa drinks for the foreseeable future.

Expert Quotes From: 

  • Tessa Kienow (VP of Sales at Universal Companies): Post-pandemic tea and water trends
  • Shawnda Brooks (Beauty Garden Advisor for USA distributions): Hydrating the skin with tea and water
  • Amy T. Simmons (research and education coordinator KM Herbals):  Therapeutic benefits of drinking tea
  • Dennis Gross (M.D., founder of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare):  Green tea benefits
  • Maria Uspenski (founder and CEO of The Tea Spot): Tea and self-care
  • Piotr Miga (global quality and compliance, tea sommelier): Teas that have adaptogens
  • Rebecca Maguire (manager and tea sommelier at The Tea Cellar: More Matcha

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