Food and Drink Shown to Enhance the Sauna Experience

Tasteful by Sauna has released a new concept so that consumers can get even more out of their sauna experience.

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Tasteful by Sauna from Finland is a new concept that aims to attach Finnish grocery, kitchenware and tableware companies to the comprehensive Finnish sauna experience to create new products, recipes, flavors and settings for international markets. Food, drinks and cooking are all considered an important part of the Finnish sauna experience to provide a multi-sensory and unique experience.

”Most Finns enjoy food and drinks as part of the sauna experience. Many like to sip a drink while sitting in the sauna or snack something while cooling off,” says Carita Harju, executive manager of Sauna from Finland. ”The flavors are an important part of making the sauna experience memorable and exquisite. One of the goals of Tasteful by Sauna from Finland is to strengthen and highlight the significance of eating and drinking as part of the Finnish sauna experience.

The products and ingredients can be altered during the sauna experience to meet the needs of different sauna bathers. For example, athletic bathers can enjoy a food or drink that helps them recover after sports like an electrolyte drink or protein-rich food.

”We have consulted sauna service providers for years and are excited to offer them even more comprehensive sauna experience consultation with the support of Tasteful by Sauna from Finland concept. Many service providers want to distinguish from others by offering the customers a complete Finnish lifestyle experience instead of just a separate sauna. It creates quality and memorability to the whole service,” says Satu Freyberg, head of international marketing at Sauna from Finland.

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