HUM Nutrition Commits to Preventing Ocean Plastic

HUM Nutrition is working with Prevented Ocean Plastic to create fully sustainable packaging and eliminate single-use plastics.

Plastic Bottles Hum
Courtesy of HUM Nutrition

Beauty supplement company HUM Nutrition has committed to making its bottle packaging out of 100% ocean bound plastic as part of the brand's sustainability initiative: Wellness for You and the Planet. Working with Prevented Ocean Plastic, HUM hopes that this new initiative helps prevent the equivalent of 50 million water bottles from entering the ocean and eliminate single-use plastics altogether.

Raw materials are created and upcycled through a rigorous recycling process, and made into 100% ocean bound plastic HUM Nutrition bottles that can be recycled over and over. In addition to these sustainable bottles, all labels and adhesives have been re-engineered to be fully compliant with recycling best practices.

"We truly believe that by working together, we can make an impact towards a more sustainable future," says Walter Faulstroh, CEO and cofounder of HUM Nutrition. "Therefore, we've partnered with Prevented Ocean Plastics and other leaders in sustainability to completely reimagine our supply chain, and have joined the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment alongside 1,000+ organizations to ensure plastic never becomes waste or pollution."

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