MOP Announces Sponsorship of SafeInMyChair Sensitivity Training

MOP professional hair care announced today an exclusive partnership as the Official Hair Care brand of (SIMC).

safe-in-my-chair[Image: Courtesy of Safeinmychair]Committed to creating an inclusive and loving salon community that is free of judgement and hatred, MOP professional hair care announced today an exclusive partnership as the Official Hair Care brand of (SIMC).

Created by Mia Catherine Smith, a transgender stylist with over 20 Years of experience, #SafeInMyChair is both a movement and website for the transgender community to locate certified stylists who respect and embrace their community as well as other groups that have suffered discrimination in the past.

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“This is a powerful movement that stands for the values we are striving to embody through the MOP brand,” notes Austin Baskett, Chief Marketing Officer of MOP. “SIMC offers salon professionals sensitivity training and education on how to best serve transgender clients as well as patrons who suffer from PTSD or who are victims of domestic abuse. We couldn’t be more proud to support such an initiative.” says Baskett.

The idea for SIMC started many years ago in response to a heartbreaking moment Mia faced as a teenager in a salon prior to her transition – “[The stylist] said something about how beautiful my eyes were and how gorgeous they’d be with a little mascara,” says Smith. “When I told her I wouldn’t be against that, she pushed herself away from the chair and asked if I was one of those ‘cross-dressing faggots’. Everyone turned to look. I wanted to crawl into a hole. It was a terrible experience that no one should have to face. SIMC is my way to ensure that no one has to.”

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The goal of Safe In My Chair is to create a community of acceptance. “For me, the salon is more than just a place. It’s a spiritual experience. I started this movement to help transgender clients and other people who have been discriminated against to find a safe, warm and welcome salon experience,” says Mia.

As the Official Hair Care company of, MOP will support the organization at their stylist training classes as well as through various promotional campaigns.

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