What do you do when there’s a booking error in your spa’s appointment book?


The Situation: “We’re sometimes faced with a client who comes in and they are not in the book for an appointment. It could be a front desk mistake or the client has the wrong date,” Tamara Friedman, owner of Tamara Spa + Wellness in Farmington, Michigan.

The Solution: “Whether it’s their fault or ours, we never want to blame them and we try our best to accommodate them,” says Friedman. “If we can’t start right away, we offer them a complimentary rain forest water journey room or Jacuzzi session instead of having them wait. We move the book around to accommodate them; most of the time we’re able to fit them in, but if we can’t we offer them a free service, upgrade, or savings for next time. If we can fit them in right away, we won’t even tell them they weren’t in the book. We try our best to accommodate and not make a big scene about it,” Friedman adds.

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