3 Sensory CBD Experiences From The Coniston

The Coniston Hotel Country Estate & Spa has unveiled three CBD massage experiences to improve guests' well-being.

Nadarra Spa (4)
Courtesy of The Coniston Hotel Country Estate & Spa

Award-winning destination The Coniston Hotel Country Estate & Spa in Yorkshire is currently renovating its Nadarra Spa, which will soon include two infinity pools, a lake view terrace and 15-meter indoor swimming pool. The update also includes a thermal experience with infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, Himalayan sauna, aromatherapy steam room, indoor bubble pool and ice fountain; and a private spa garden with a relaxation pod, loungers and two outdoor baths.

In addition, Nadarra Spa has introduced three wellness massages featuring CBD brand OTO to it offerings menu. Each CBD journey begins with a shot of OTO Balance Seltzer to leave recipients feeling more grounded and focused.

  1. OTO AMPLIFY Signature CBD Massage Experience, designed to ease muscle tension. A bamboo roller is used to work on the deeper levels of the muscle while chamomile helps alleviate back pain and inflammation. The CBD  helps the therapist achieve muscle relaxation quickly.
  2. OTO FOCUS CBD Massage Experience: Created to clarify, fortify and energize, this full body treatment features warming ginger, which has anti-inflammatory properties; black pepper to boost the body's natural defenses and ease aching muscles; and frankincense, with comforting properties that help calm a busy mind, reducing the feelings of anxiety and improving concentration. 
  3. OTO BALANCE CBD Massage Experience: The goal of this massage is to provide the beauty of balance, thanks to topical CBD that helps quickly relax the muscles, encourage homeostasis and ensure the body’s response to stress is managed well.

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