[Treatment Guide] Performing the Seven Knots Healing Ritual

The JW Marriott is paying homage to Latin American culture while helping guests leave their worries behind with the Seven Knots Ritual.

Seven Knots Ribbons3 Jw Marriott San Antonio
Courtesy of JW Marriott San Antonio

More than 500 years ago, village healers in Latina America, known as curanderos, practiced a holistic form of healing that combines prayer, herbal remedy, ritual, spiritualism and massage. To pay homage to these curanderos, The Lantana Spa at JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa includes services and rituals inspired by these holistic practices. 

One ritual in particular is called the Seven Knots Ritual, which releases worries and stress. Lantana Spa holds this ritual at the spa for guests before their services so they can leave their worries behind. In 2021, Lantana Spa will host a 21 Knots Ritual in honor of releasing the stress from 2020 and bringing good intentions to the new year. 

The Seven Knots Ritual

The ritual historically involves tying seven knots into a red ribbon, one for each worry, with the seventh knot completing the circle. Tying the knot releases that specific concern, enabling the guest to leave it behind. Before the guest enters the spa they will be given their ribbon at check-in to complete the ritual on their own and embark on their spiritual journey. 

The Lantana Spa has also provided instructions for how to perform the Seven Knots Ritual for guests who are not comfortable traveling. 


  • Red ribbon, string or cord (9-12 inches long)
  • A quiet place to concentrate
  • A moment to slow down and release stress

The red ribbon is required as it symbolizes strength, health, vigor, energy, passion, courage, element of fire, career goals, fast action, vibrancy, driving force and survival. 


  1. Tie the first knot at one end while you focus on your first concern. Take a moment.
  2. Tie the second through the first knot, each one focusing on a different worry.
  3. Repeat for the third, fourth, fifth and sixth knot.
  4. Tie the seventh knot to create a circle of ribbon.

When tying each knot, concentrate on one specific concern, visualize a best outcome and let go of the concern. When the ceremony is complete, all worries can be left behind and a fresh journey can begin.

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