Biologique Recherche Opens First U.S. Spa Location

Clients can now receive a luxurious Parisian spa experience at the new Biologique Recherche spa in West Palm Beach.

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Biologique Recherche Ambassade de la Beauté has opened a new location in the states. The spa offers a Parisian immersive and bespoke spa and wellness experience in the CityPlace South Tower in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The spa concept follows the brand's “Skin Instant” approach, which views the skin as a changing entity that deserves customized care in all of its presentations. The spa’s estheticians examine the skin’s current condition in the “Assessment Phase,” and curate a one- to two-hour facial to meet skin needs.

Biologique Recherche facials opt for cooler temperatures and tools—think chilled cryotherapy sticks, serums and eye creams—instead of the usual steam-and-hot-cloth approach.

The spa menu consists of face, body, hair and beauty treatments that can be combined for a total day of relaxation.

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