Cycling Latest Wellness Trend to Emerge Since Covid-19

Cycling has grown in popularity since Covid-19.

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It only takes five months to build a new habit, and with Covid-19 creating new policies, it's likely that many habits that people have created will stick long after the pandemic is over. Besides outdoor exercise, home-cooked meals and working from home, consumers have started to adopt a myriad of other habits, many of which are wellness focused. 

One example, notes the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), is cycling. Since the pandemic, there has been a high demand for bicycles, and while it may not have been talked about like toilet paper, this spike did cause a scarcity of bicycles in many countries, leading to the reorganization of global supply chains. This change in behavior is also being boosted through governments and local authorities offering subsidies for buyers of bicycles and planning more cycle lanes. 

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