HealthyLine Cocoon and Platinum Series

The Cocoon and Platinum far infrared heat therapy mats provide completely customizable and individualized treatment options.

Cocoon and Platinum Mats from HealthyLine

HealthyLine's Cocoon and Platinum series each come with four variations. These far infrared (FIR) heat therapy mats use natural gemstones to alleviate minor joint and muscle pain while helping to improve overall wellness.

The Cocoon series includes two full-sized mats that wrap around the body like a cocoon that provides FIR and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. Each mat comes with its own controller for users to adjust temperatures to customize the experience. 

The Platinum series features a customizable PEMF system that allows users to choose from programs optimized to improve relaxation, relieve pain, promote better sleep and more. This series also allows practitioners to program frequency, waveform, pulse duration, intensity and time limit for a further individualized experience. 


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