Wellness Tech: Social Platform Promotes Healthy Habits

The Most Days mobile app has launched to help users take control of their own health and wellness.

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Most Days, a social media platform for physical and emotional wellness, is now available for alpha users to test out. Most Days is designed to encourage members to better manage and track their progress around issues ranging from depression, anxiety, addiction, stress and burnout to general wellness, sleep, relationships, loneliness and mood disorders.

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As part of this initial launch, the Most Days team is seeking feedback from early users in order to further build out the life improvement platform for all. Right now, the app helps users take control of their own health and wellness by: 

  • Making a plan: Members can create their own routines or subscribe to existing routines created by health experts as well as other members. 
  • Creating an individualized community of support: Members can choose to invite others to help them stay accountable. As they complete their daily routines, they can keep them private or share on their feed for social support and positive reinforcement.
  • Tracking progress: The app encourages members to keep going with interactive elements, gentle cues and reminders, and data-backed insights into what specific behaviors drive the greatest happiness for them.

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"Being healthy is a struggle for many of us in the best of times, but COVID-19 has made it even more difficult by taking our usual sources of in-person support off the table," said Brent Franson, founder and CEO of Most Days. "The Most Days platform incorporates what we know about behavior change in a single technology and community. We make it easy to establish and maintain the daily routines that support health and happiness at any point in time, but especially in the midst of this crisis." 

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