Two Wellness Modalities You Should Know About

These modalities are now on the market and can be beneficial to your wellness business.

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Elite health and wellness spas and retreat destinations looking to expand services beyond traditional offerings may be interested in two innovative technologies: BEMER (bio-electro-magnetic-energy-regulation) and LifeWave X39. BEMER is cutting-edge PEMF tech that stimulates the body’s natural recovery process, and LifeWave is stem cell phototherapy that helps address pain.

BEMER therapy uses electromagnetic energy to enhance the body’s circulatory process. It works to correct imbalances and overall lack of cellular energy by providing increased blood flow and oxygen absorption, detoxification, better immune system functionality, improved cellular metabolism, increased quality of sleep and enhanced mental acuity. Essentially, the device is a healing energy therapy that can improve overall circulation at the capillary level, and therefore enhance well-being.

LifeWave X39 Patches are a patented phototherapy designed to elevate stem cell activity. The patch enhances GHK-Cu, a naturally occurring peptide in the body that declines significantly with age. It offers a variety of benefits including rapid pain relief, faster wound healing, increased energy and improved sleep. Resetting cells to a younger healthier state, users have found a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increased vitality overall.

“People want to not only live longer lives, but more vibrant lives, and these types of innovative treatments support body health and wellness with comprehensive benefits that work with the body’s core systems,” said Karen Kelly-Greenbaum, a lifelong health and wellness consultant. “These modalities can enhance programs and services by providing health benefits even long after the client walks out the doorand they can also set a facility apart from others while increasing ROI.”

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