3 Tips for Pandemic Recovery

Los Cabos has become one of the top post-pandemic destinations in Mexico - find out how you can do the same.

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Los Cabos has become one of Mexico's top post-COVID destinations, with record visitation numbers for March 2021: 187,150 visitors marked a 60.4% growth compared to the previous month, and 28% compound annual growth (CAGR). 

The steady tourism recovery is fueled by Los Cabos' safety-centered initiative Los Cabos with Care – A Safer Way to Get Away, a holistic program focused on the care and well-being of visitors, community, businesses and the environment, aiming to foster growth for all.

Los Cabos' business model is centered on three core principles:

  1. People: Protect and support the local community, businesses and visitors. Examples of Los Cabos' efforts include strict health and safety protocols, cleanliness certifications and participation in the Community Alliance of Baja California Sur, a nonprofit coalition formed in response to the shortage of medical and food supplies caused by the pandemic to support the local community.
  2. Partnerships: Partnerships have allowed for a smooth and widely supported implementation of protocols. Strong public-private sector alliances and partners include Intertek Cristal and Sharecare, which established Los Cabos as the world's first travel destination to be Health Security VERIFIED.
  3. Purposeful Planning: From reopening destinations to managing ongoing changes in demand and advance bookings from visitors, Los Cabos has looked ahead in order to make decisions rooted in data. In January 2021, Los Cabos used its data-driven model to secure destination-wide COVID-19 tests and medical personnel to support all international visitors.

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