Hutchinson and Dr. Mark Hyman Recruiting Integrative Medicine Pros

Mark Hyman, MD, and Hutchinson Consulting are working to place qualified professionals in integrative medicine facilities.

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Mark Hyman, MD, and Hutchinson Consulting have a program designed to support functional and integrative medicine facilities and professionals. Together, they plan to find facilities in need of certified functional and integrative medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and other allied health professionals, as well as candidates for these roles, with the ultimate goal of linking businesses and medical professionals to provide meaningful care for patients.

The functional and integrative model of medicine is a patient-centered approach that takes all aspects of a person into account, including lifestyle. In this way, practitioners aim to identify root causes of illness, including triggers such as poor nutrition, stress, allergens, genetics and the microbiome. Once triggers are identified, a customized healthy living plan can be created to address the patient's physical and emotional needs. The foundation of functional medicine is the use of food as a first-line therapy. The right nutrition, combined with lifestyle and behavioral interventions, are imperative in helping patients take charge of their health.

“I am incredibly passionate about functional medicine and its power to be life-changing in the health and well-being of patients,” says Dr. Hyman. “I believe that we can start a wellness revolution by making sure that more people are exposed to the benefits of functional and integrative medicine and by making sure that top facilities have the most qualified candidates to help lead this charge.”

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