Introducing The Global Academy of Holistic Nursing

The Global Academy of Holistic Nursing has been launched to advance the specialty of Holistic Nursing around the world.


The Global Academy of Holistic Nursing (GAHN) has officially launched in the hopes of advancing the specialty of holistic nursing around the world, in support of the American Holistic Nurses Association's mission and in concert with the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. It will do this by creating global communities who embrace the praxes of holistic health, wellness and social justice.

Holistic nurses recognize humans as unitary beings comprised of energy fields, connected indivisibly with others and the environment. Holistic nurses provide whole person-centered health care and create trusting relationships with others to promote and enhance their clients' potential for healing and well-being.

The founding of the GAHN creates opportunities for holistic nurses to contribute to advancing health care equity, access and transformation.

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