Chiva-som Offering Diet & Nutrition Classes for Spa Professionals

Chiva-Som International Academy in Bangkok has introduced its 2021 online courses for students in the wellness industry.

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Spa education center Chiva-Som International Academy in Bangkok has introduced its 2021 online courses for students and people interested in the wellness industry. The English language, interactive online platform provides e-learning courses to spa owners and managers, therapists and even those interested in self-care. Private training, customized online courses and corporate workshops are also available for an additional charge.

The online course list includes:

  •  Diet and Nutrition. The course offers knowledge of nutrients and their functions, an introduction to the digestive system and the effects of different nutrients and antioxidants, all of which will help participants greatly improve their consultations and treatment plans. Participants will understand how the digestive system works and recognize a variety of health disorders caused by food and dietary habits. Participants will also be able to name the structures and functions of nutrients, evaluate food quality, eating habits and the change of activity patterns over a period of time. Students will get an E-CSA Professional Certificate in Diet and Nutrition.
  • Anatomy and Physiology. A basic introduction to the human body, covering areas such as structure and function of various systems, including disease and disorder. It's a valuable resource for those working in beauty therapy, complementary therapy or any related field. Therapists will learn how to administer treatments safely and accurately while recognizing contraindications. Once complete, students will get an E-CSA Professional Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Spa Management. Ideal for spa owners and directors who manage spas on a daily basis, this course is designed to help people achieve their business goals. It looks at operations via the nine key functions of the spa manager, along with providing an understanding and knowledge in managing spa professionally with various approaches to achieve effective results. 
  • DIY Face-Lifting and Firming. A half-day workshop for consumers, in which Chiva-Som Academy beauty therapists will teach participants how to stimulate their own facial muscles with face lifting massage techniques. By the end of this workshop, participants will understand the causes and physiological changes of the aging process and will be able to effectively include Self Face Lifting in their skin care routine.

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