MycoMeditations Wellness Retreat Announces New Leadership

MycoMeditations has appointed industry veteran Justin Townsend as its CEO and lead facilitator of its psilocybin-assisted wellness retreats.

Justin Townsend, CEO and Lead Facilitator, MycoMeditations
Justin Townsend, CEO and Lead Facilitator, MycoMeditations

MycoMeditations, a psychedelic therapy and wellness tourism company, has appointed Justin Townsend its new CEO and lead facilitator. The announcement also comes with the departure of Eric Osborne, the founder and former head facilitator.

Townsend has served as the company's hands-on CEO and lead facilitator since 2019, and will now be taking over the full visionary leadership and day-to-day management of MycoMeditations. Prior to this position, he had multiple successful roles serving as CEO, board member and investor across a range of companies.

"We are very proud to be at the helm of expanding this world-leading enterprise in the field of psychedelic therapy and wellness retreats," said Townsend. 

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